Reservation and Billing Policy
The easiest and best way to get a confirmed spot at a TrackDāZ event is to sign up right here through our website. Our website uses a real-time management system, so when it says that there is a spot available then you know that you’re all set when you take it. If you mail a reservation in then there is a good chance that all the available spots will be gone by the time your mail arrives.

Signing up through our website with a credit card also ensures that your spot is guaranteed the moment you checkout successfully. Our billing policy is to charge your credit card in full at the time of your reservation (please see our Cancellation/Refund Policy if it turns out you can’t make the event after all)

Track Daz LLC operates on a first come first served basis, meaning you are NOT signed up or cleared to attend the event until your entry fees have been received!!! (Note that you avoid this problem by signing up through the website and paying immediately with a credit card).This goes for EVERYONE regardless you know or speak to. This is to ensure all customers get a fair opportunity to attend and to prevents riders from showing up at the track just to find out they cannot ride. So please sign up early, a phone call stating you are intending to attend a given event does not clear you for that event. Although space may be available at that time the event may be sold out if your payment is delayed. Unfortunately many riders have driven up to the track just to be turned away which turns to a very disappointing drive home!